The sun has set

All is quite in the bay

The water softly moves

The island hides in shades

You’re far away

I’m sure you can’t hear me

I wonder if now you are

somehow free


Your lips won’t speak

Of sorrow anymore

Just like your ears

Won’t be able to hear me call

I don’t blame you

at all for having gone

All I say is please

Don’t leave me alone


Theres so many ways to run away

Theres so many ways to die

But me I will try to stay

I will fight for life


And if I say:

My child you won’t be born

‚Cause there’s no place

That you could call a home

I would deny all life

All hopes and all of our dreams

‚Cause if there’s no home for you

Why should there be one for me?


Still I believe

That we’re not here in vain

Still I believe – I believe


And I know

that the sun will rise again

And I know

That the island will live again