Changing Roles


It was me who did not agree

To all the paths you laid out for me

Cause I had my own plans in my mind

Cause I saw the reasons to fight


You were so settled in the past

Didn’t see it was not able to last

But I resist because I knew

Out heirs will one day blame you



You may, you may, you may be true

But you ‚can’t ignore the ‚ones who don’t a’gree

I may, I may, I may be wrong

But I’ve ‚learned convincing ‚people sing our song

You may, you may, you may be wrong

But ‚when if not now ‚we have to be ’strong?

I may, I may, I may be right

But ‚using words as ‚weapons you can’t ‚fight


You were the ones who ruined my childhood

With magnificent fairy tales

That’s why I quit the school

To tell the world that witches never fail


‚How dare you‘ was what I wanted to say

But even that won’t be enough

It’s the structure which has brought us here

With it’s self-destructive bluff




You are right in what you do

And I would not ever think of blaming you

The time of war is long ago

But when I was at you age

Hitler’s ghost was still haunting us

Now it’s come back again!